QA/QC Services

Development of a Quality Management System begins with a general understanding of the customer’s operation. Developing a Quality System may be accomplished by observing the operation, visiting the plant or facility, reviewing specifications and other materials, understanding the project goals, organization, and using our knowledge of the product/service to develop a preliminary outline of the basic Quality System.

We will develop policies and procedures that will reflect the specifications, code and standard requirements consistent with the customer’s need. Programs are written to comply with Federal Regulations, Nationally Recognized Standards, and the customer’s specifications.

Development & Implementation to the Total QA/QC Spectrum

There are a wide variety of QA/QC programs offered by International Quality Consultants, Inc. To meet this need IQC, Inc. maintains the capabilities to supply selected parts of the total QA/QC spectrum and is capable of supplying our customers with the complete development and implementation of a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Management System.

With this concept, our QA/QC professionals will:

  • Develop your QA/QC Management System
  • Orient and train your company’s key personnel in QA/QC concepts
  • Develop and establish Quality Control Inspection Programs
  • Develop and establish Product Surveillance Programs
  • Supply all necessary tools, knowledge, experience and personnel to implement your total QA/QC Management System

Typical Management System

A typical Management System may cover the following topics:

  • Organization and Report Structure
  • Program Policy
  • Design Control
  • Procurement Document Control
  • Instructions, Procedures and Drawings
  • Document Control
  • Control of Purchased Materials, Equipment, and Services
  • Identification and Control of Materials, Equipment, and Services
  • Control of Special Processes
  • Inspection
  • Test Control
  • Control of Measuring and Test Equipment
  • Handling, Storage, and Shipping

Development of QA/QC
Management System

The following services are offered by International Quality Consultants, Inc. to ensure that the Quality Program is of the highest standard.

  • Inspection, Test and Operating Status
  • Nonconforming materials, Parts or Components
  • Corrective Action
  • Quality Assurance Records
  • Audits
  • Quality System Continuous Improvement

A Quality Program should be periodically verified and audited to assure the system is implemented and adequate to serve the needs of the customer.

QA/QC Services