Services We Provide

Given today’s competitive market conditions, the need for high quality, cost-efficient technical expertise and personnel has never been greater. IQC, Inc. provides the solution to your staffing needs by providing professional, responsive and flexible contract personnel and staff augmentation services.

Service Solutions

IQC, Inc. is known for staffing our client’s short-term assignments and long-term projects with industry leaders and technical experts in locations throughout North America and around the world. Our access to a large, flexible database of engineering and technical professionals allows us to provide you with personnel possessing the background and technical know-how your project requires. Your company not only benefits from IQC, Inc.’s staffing resources, but we handle the costly recruiting and administrative burdens for you. The professional people at IQC, Inc. are ready to provide solutions to your temporary contract needs.

Choose The Best – Choose IQC

When you choose International Quality Consultants, you are choosing the best


  • Our personnel are specifically recruited for each assignment
  • IQC, Inc. employees work at your facility under the direction and supervision of your in-house personnel
  • IQC, Inc. is capable of providing large numbers of people with lead times less than one week
  • Our personnel arrive “ready to work” and require minimal start-up and orientation time
  • Our staffing services are extremely flexible and can be adapted to meet the quantity, location and expertise requirements of your project.


  • IQC, Inc. handles all benefit, tax and administrative
  • Our recruiters have access to hundreds of thousands of resumes of engineering and technical personnel
  • Your firm pays no recruiting fees or costs
  • Our industry experience & expertise allow us to accurately assess and meet your needs
  • We keep detailed performance records of all employees, available for your reference
  • Our flexibility allows us to meet your demands, regardless of location

Connecting You with the Right Support


  • Degreed Engineers:
    • Mechanical; Electrical; Civil
    • Instrumentation Controls
    • Chemical; Industrial; Nuclear
  • CAD
  • Drafting
  • Mappers
  • Designers (Junior/Senior)
  • Registered PE’s
  • Field Engineers

Technical Specialists

  • Licensed Specialists
  • Regulatory Specialists
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Safety
  • Technicians:
    • Electrical; Mechanical; I&C
    • Air Operated Valves
    • Motor Operated Valves
  • Scheduling
  • Planning
  • Procedure Writers
  • Technical Training
  • Technical Writing
  • Cost Reduction Specialists

Quality Assurance

  • Inspectors
    • Electrical; I&C; Civil
    • Mechanical; Weld
  • Auditors
  • Lead Auditors
  • Non-Destructive Testing
    • Ultrasonic Testing; Ultrasonic Thickness
    • Magnetic Particle; Liquid Penetrant
  • Program Development
  • QA Engineers
  • Vendor Surveillance
  • Vendor Expediting
  • Technical Audit Experts
  • Quality Manager

Global Presence

International Quality Consultants, Inc. QA/QC personnel can be quickly dispatched to any location in North America and Europe, and with adequate notice, anywhere in the world, to accommodate our customers’ quality requirements. Our global reach allows IQC, Inc. to provide manufacturing inspection services to help our customers eliminate unneeded costly expenses and unnecessary downtime.

Corporate Office

  • Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

IQC, Inc. Affiliates

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Brisbane, Australia
  • Beijing, China
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Tyne & Wear, England
  • Budmerica, France
  • Munich, Germany
  • Chennai City, India
  • Sondrio, Italy
  • Osaka, Japan
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Hanoi City, Vietnam